Our experts are ready to develop the most preferable structure to transfer the assets to next generations considering three key criteria:

  • Appropriate tax consequences both during the development of an inheritance structure and during the receipt of assets by heirs,
  • Guaranteed asset inheritance by the persons specified by client,
  • Elimination of risks of a failure to execute the testator’s will within the Russian legal framework.

We are keen to help you in the inheritance planning process and provide the following services:

  • Determination of the preferable inheritance scenario using the instruments of the Russian and international law;
  • Analysis of the inheritance procedure considering legal requirements of the jurisdictions where the inheritable property is located and (or) future heirs reside;
  • Development of documents required for the implementation and operation of the selected inheritance scenario;
  • Execution of functions of a private fund manager, protector, trustee, non-executive director of a company;
  • Advising heirs on accession to the heirship.